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Custom Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are stunning pieces of wall art that will take pride of place in any room of any house. Bespoke canvas dimensions can be used in order to create any rectangular or square size ensuring that the Custom canvas prints you choose will fit the space you want and further ensure that the picture you choose fits the canvas perfectly. Pick any single photo or, alternatively, choose a number of your best shots and have them professionally combined into a single montage print.

Montage Prints

A professional designer can work with your photos in order to create a stunning photo montage. The photos you select can be based on any topic or theme and you can use a selection of related pictures or just combine photos of people and places that you’ve seen in the last year to create memorabilia Custom canvas prints. The choice of images is yours only and the designer will work to try and ensure that they combine perfectly before emailing you a proof of the montage for your agreement.

Pop Art Custom Canvas Prints

Another great use of portrait shots is to have them converted into pop art prints. Pop art is colourful and modern looking and there are several different styles of pop art including the famous styles of Andy Warhol and Banksy. Other unique styles include the American Diner Posterise style. Regardless of the type of pop art you choose, you can be assured of a unique and funky looking custom canvas print.

custom canvas prints

Photo Cushions And Photo Blankets

Pop art reproductions and montages don’t have to be printed to strictly custom canvas prints either; they can also be printed on any other photo gift idea. Cushions and blankets make superb gift ideas and are ideal for use in your own home. They are safe and comfortable as well as being stunningly good looking and practical.

Photo Cubes And Light Cubes

The photo cube is a cube shaped firm cushion that allows you to design each of the six faces of the cube. Every face can have a different design or you can use the same picture printed on each face. A face can be made up of text as well or instead of photos too. The light cube is the same shape and design as the photo cube, except that it contains an internal light that shines through your images to give them extra life.

Other Personalised Photo Gifts

M Farhan Saeed shares her knowledge about Buy Custom Canvas Prints which are fantastic gift ideas. These are just some of the many items that can be personalised with your photos and pictures in order to create stunning and unique photo gift ideas. Photo books and photo albums are superb ways to show off pictures and you can customise the covers as well as the presentation box that they come in. Bags including handbags and makeup bags and even laptop bags can also be personalised with photos and text.

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